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Kinds of Pronoun With Example

Kinds of pronoun
1:Personal Pronouns:
A personal pronoun is used in place of the name of a person or thing. They are called personal pronouns because they stand for the three persons. i.e.
1.First Person: The person”speaking”.
The pronoun “I and We” denotes the “person speaking” is called first person.
2.Second Person: The person”spoken to”.
The pronoun “you” denotes the “person spoken to” is called second person.
3.Third Person: The person “spoken of”.
The pronoun “He, She” they are referred to the person “spoken of” and are third person.
The pronoun “it” referred to the things “spoken of”.
Causes of the Pronouns:
Like nouns the pronouns also have three causes:
•Nominative or Subjective case
•Objective case
•Possessive case
i.Subjective Personal pronouns:
We use the personal pronouns to refer the person who is dong the action as : I, we, you, he, she, it, they.
Example: I wrote a letter.
I am going to the bank while he is going the market. 

Causes of the Pronouns:
Like nouns the prono…

What is Pronouns?? Example of Pronouns

Pronoun means “ for a noun “. Pronoun is a word used instead of noun. A pronoun is word used in place of a noun. It intact points out a thing , place or person without being a name for it. Pronoun in English grammer are used mainly to avoid _____.
Usually pronouns stand for a noun. So
a)A word for which a pronoun stands is called “Antecedet”.
b)When a pronoun referred back to the noun in sentence is called “ referent “.
a)Ahmad helped me when he found me in trouble.

          Antecedent            Referent
b)Both the students do well in their school.